This is a redesign of Microsoft's GroupMe application. I felt as though the current overall design of the application has become outdated, bland, and is in need of a redesign 🧐 .

The Problem

1. The current overall design is bland, and the color scheme is not very appealing to the eye.

2. One interesting issue that arose when I asked my peers is that they would like to be able to separate their groups from personal messages because the whole reason people use GroupMe is for groups. So having that distinction between groups and personal messages would be a welcomed addition.

3. Lastly, users referenced an interesting feature found on WhatsApp called broadcasts that allows you to create and save a list of groups or individual people that allows you to easily send messages to groups or individual people simultaneously. They expressed that a feature like this would be another welcomed addition.

The Solution

1. Firstly, from the overall design perspective, I decided to use a dark mode color scheme with the blue of the GroupMe logo. A change that was well received by users as it gave a refreshing new look to the application.

2. I decided to use circles for the chat profile pictures to give a less aggressive feel to the application. The menu icon was also replaced with the user's profile picture but when tapped it opens up the app drawer working similarly to how the menu icon worked before, I decided to do that to give more character to the application.

3. The groups and personal messages were separated, giving them each their own tab and space within the application using a bottom tab navigator, a navigation feature users will already be used to.

4. All the other functionalities that were already in the application but just added a feature called "Channels" that acts similar to how Broadcast Lists works on WhatsApp.

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